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Client Stories

Retail Solutions to Stay Ahead in Fast-Paced Mobile Telephony Sector

Decommissioning 5 legacy systems in 12 months by [deploying new EPoS systems], Vodafone was the first retailer in its sector to have new Chip & Pin technology in all stores.

The Situation

Faced with the introduction of Chip-&-Pin throughout the UK in January 2005, along with the significant expense associated with maintaining legacy technology, Vodafone UK decided to combat these issues by upgrading the electronic point of sale (EPoS) system in its retail channel.

The Solution

Together with Capgemini, Vodafone developed a solution that would keep the retail channel ahead of its competitors on the High Street.

The Result

So successful was the initiative that it enabled Vodafone to retire 5 legacy systems and the Project was short listed for a Business Excellence Award.

“On the business and technology side we needed someone who not only knew retail java and the retail and telecommunications business, but could work with our engineering force. Coming into this project there was an awful lot to achieve and we needed someone who would not be scared by it.”

Vince Rawle, Operational Improvement Manager, Vodafone UK