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Client Stories

Mobile Payments Innovation with Natixis

Capgemini’s strong technology capabilities and fast delivery enables Natixis to provide corporate treasurers with an innovative cash transaction reporting service within nine weeks

“ Capgemini was particularly good at putting together a complete and comprehensive solution at a good price with the ability to deliver fast to the market. ”Olivier Laborde, Head of Marketing & Innovation, Cash Management & Operations, Natixis

The Situation

Natixis is the corporate, investment and financial services arm of Groupe BPCE the second largest banking group in France, with 22% of total bank deposits and 37 million clients spread over two merged networks. Natixis wanted to deliver real-time payments information to corporate treasurers, anytime, anywhere. Knowing when important payments arrive is essential for bankers to provide better customer service.

Natixis’ goal could be achieved by working with a partner who could quickly bring a new product to market in the payments transaction space. The provider had to understand and possess expertise in both mobile applications development as well as payments processing, to develop a mobile payments reporting application in less than nine weeks.

The Solution

The delivery of “myAnnonces” – Natixis cash transaction reporting services via Smartphones – was created by one team of mobility, payments and telecom experts. The solution works on two kinds of mobile devices: iPhones and BlackBerrys. Thanks to the implementation of a push mechanism for real time transactions, myAnnonces, sends corporate treasurers several alerts per day. These appear directly on their mobile informing users of cash transactions that have taken place.

Alerts that in the past were only sent via standard communication channels (such as e-mail, Internet portals) are now retrieved from the server, reshaped to fit a mobile format and sent directly to mobile devices. The solution has a unique differentiating feature of customized filtering, which allows users to receive only the payments transactions they select (i.e per account, per amount).

The Result

Natixis is first in France to bring realtime payments transactions reporting to Smartphones. Being first to market with payments data via the mobile channel gave Natixis a competitive edge for servicing customers on a Smartphone platform.

This service offering establishes a new and innovative communication exchange for Natixis and its corporate customers. The innovative dimension of the tool also improves Natixis’ image and illustrates its commitment to providing new and differentiated solutions. The tool through its simplicity, proactive alerts and customized filtering enables Natixis clients to optimize their follow-up activities and provide better customer service.