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Client Stories

Leading Telco Taps into Digital Opportunities through Capgemini Research and Analysis

As digital channels continue to expand rapidly, competition to deliver compelling and first-class content experience to customers is intensifying. In this fiercely competitive environment, success is dependent upon understanding and commanding consumers’ attention.

For one Telco, already successful in the digital content space, having a clear-cut path for its digital content properties was vital both to retain and attract new customers. To do this, the Telco needed to uncover insights and patterns of current and future media consumption habits along with consumer preferences.

Capgemini was already a proven and trusted partner of the Telco and was selected to identify opportunities to enhance the organization’s digital presence. With Capgemini’s industry leading, hands on expertise in digital and prior acquaintance with the Telco’s work culture, it was able to efficiently and rapidly conclude the project.

The Solution

To successfully implement this project, Capgemini secured support from a team comprising experts in digital media, user experience, information architecture, eCommerce, and strategic consumer research. The team used a blend of assessment techniques to gain insights into customer assumptions, observe customer behavior, and evaluate customer experience. The main techniques utilized were Customer Qualitative Research, Competitive/Market Analysis, and Heuristic Analysis of Digital Properties.

Capgemini partnered with a Subject Matter Expert (SME) of consumer behavior to perform a tailor made research plan to elicit deep insights and trends about the client’s user base. These insights revealed opportunities for new-age solutions to leverage emotional and instinctive behavior through digital media.

Capgemini delivered an initial framework and provided in-depth insights into the Telco’s competitors through a rapid and structured consulting approach. The final presentation of the deliverable, which consisted of the findings of the competitive and heuristic analysis, the qualitative research, and the proposed action plan, was made to the senior executives of the Telco.

The Result

As a result of the engagement, a Customer Experience Action Plan (CEAP) was recommended to the client. It identified key customer themes and behavior in the rapidly changing state of digital content consumption. Recommendations were made to improve the the online customer experience, brand definition, product design, and digital channels’ go-to-market strategy.

The key pain points experienced by customers for a family of websites — at the beginning, and throughout the initial sign-in and return sign-on processes — were identified and reported to the Telco. Recommendations were also made to help design products that empower customer access to content across devices, time, and location. Furthermore, recommendations were made on how to develop or acquire content tailored to the company’s customer base, along with a strategy to elicit feedback for future alignment of products.

Several next steps were proposed, the first being a customer experience map — a visual representation of customer experience pain points and opportunity areas, as well as strengths to continue or extend upon. This was followed by customer concept models that helped to flesh out solutions through prototypes and wireframes for additional consideration and testing. These models were to be subject to a “battle test” with real customers, deriving data and direction from initial encounters, with concept model testing.

One of the main insights from the project was the recommendation to provide content ubiquity — allowing customers to access their digital content across any device at any time. Also proposed was a channel partnership analysis — an analysis on what content should be created, acquired, or licensed through new or existing partners.

Capgemini’s findings and recommendations have helped the organization to prioritize future digital content opportunities and put in place a strategy to tailor services for its existing and prospective customer base. The recommendations have also assisted the Telco in meeting the key target metrics of increasing their user base, traffic to their digital properties, natural search position, and revenue.