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Client Stories

Improving Global Performance with a New Core Banking System

Capgemini streamlines international IT systems and provides region, language-specific solutions for a top 10 major global bank

The Situation

For leading financial services firms, strong international growth can bring challenges as well as benefits. In the case of our client, one of the top 5 major banks in Europe1, the issue was multiple IT systems in use across 40 global retail banking subsidiaries. With so many platforms in use, our client was unable to achieve optimal transparency into its business, standardize best practices around the world, and gain from the efficiency of all subsidiaries speaking the same IT language. Even more important, harmonizing its core banking system would make it easier for the bank to comply with a growing array of banking regulations, as well as reduce its maintenance and support costs.

The Solution

Capgemini has played a leading role in helping our client implement a new core banking platform to boost standardization, efficiency and effectiveness in key geographies around the world, beginning with Ghana, Croatia and China. The first step was to create a dedicated service center and project team in India with a unique set of skills, encompassing banking sector knowledge, software package integration, project management expertise and international rollout experience. Next, the team designed all the necessary processes and procedures, making sure it could replicate these in all the bank’s subsidiaries. Capgemini has also deployed mobile teams with global talent to implement the new IT system in each subsidiary.

The Result

Capgemini has supported our client’s international growth by optimizing its cost base while strengthening the coherence of IT platforms serving its employees across the globe. Expected benefits are increased net bank income, the sharing of best practices, and improvements in products, risk management and service quality.