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Repsol Innovation Day – AIE Event Story

Paco Bermúdez, COO South/Central Europe at Capgemini and Ana Mosquera, TMT & EUC Market Heat at Capgemini

After the long period of the covid, where interactions have been scarce, we were all looking forward to seeing each other face to face, mask by mask. After several postponements, finally a great team led by Valero Marín, exchange with an excellent team of leaders and experts in an event hosted by Luis Abad, CEO of Capgemini Spain, and Paco Bermúdez COO Capgemini South/Central Europe.

The attendees enjoyed the thought-provoking session by Valero and his team on their inspirational vision in the strategic co-creation sessions.

Making the Future – the motto of our Innovation Day – clearly unites two clear objectives we need to meet in this journey with Repsol

Experts team, Demo Road show

The agenda was split into 3 different discussions. From the #SmartIndustry perspective, we addressed the great challenges that leading companies have ahead. From Cadiz, the Innovation Center for the development of advanced industry, together with the team of telecommunications experts, showed the progress of great lines of work in #5G, #PredictiveMaintenance and #DigitalTwin. We have also been able to enjoy a Demo Road show of five demonstrations applied to the Repsol industry.During this session, the R&D team shared new lines of work in #AR, #VR and #IoT environments.

This business event has undoubtedly marked a milestone in our relationship with the client, improving our positioning and brand. The journey has only just begun, and we look forward to hearing about the following stages from our client Repsol.

I would like to extend a special thanks to our experts and leaders who came to offer a world-class experience.

  • Luis Miguel Parrilla
  • Pilar Rodríguez
  • Luis Manuel Díaz de Terán
  • Miguel Arjona
  • Carlos Méndez
  • Ramón Armada
  • Ramón Antelo

We now have great ideas and challenges to tackle together. Both companies will face them mutually and enjoy learning along the way.


Valero Marín Corporate Director of Digitalization and Global Services Repsol.

“I would like to thank #Capgemini, and especially Luis Abad Marturet and Francisco (Paco) Bermudez Atalaya, for the experience and the warm welcome to our team. It has definitely been a very productive day.”