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Process on the Fly

Thriving on Data , breakthroughs with intelligent automation and a taste of autonomous decision-making have firmly planted ‘Process on the Fly’ center stage.

As we all know, a high IQ is not always a recipe for crushing success. In the end, it’s all about execution. Corporate speed depends on the ability to turn insights into action, to quickly respond to events, to overcome business silos, to seamlessly ride the waves and to rapidly change our ways if circumstances so dictate. This is where process management needs to deliver; to be fluid, agile, reactive and yet proactive, and able to self-adapt to weather every storm. Having consistently caught less of the sparkle than its complementary concept, Thriving on Data (ever heard of ‘Big Process’?), breakthroughs with intelligent automation and a taste of autonomous decision-making have firmly planted ‘Process on the Fly’ center stage – underpinning the latest Technology Business experiences.

There are many different streams of process that can be supported and enabled by technology. Yet the increasing need for hyperscale and globalization is pushing organizations to a range of solutions that compete with cloud native actors playing the same game, but with different rules. Like an impending tsunami, the transformation may seem almost too big to comprehend, impacting everything in its path; organization, information technology, business models and of course processes. To steady the impact, it must be addressed process by process with each delivered step strengthening the foundation for its transformation, making the next evolution a more controllable tide. Human skills and mindset, technology solutions and processes, evolving together.

As a certified silo buster, it bridges gaps between corporate – or intercorporate – systems without intruding upon them. As a next generation solution builder, it’s the glue that binds microservices and APIs together into something that we might have called ‘applications’ in the past. Combined with AI, cognitive systems and agile, it is making business processes more automated and intelligent, driving both decision-making and execution to boost corporate performance and create better places to work.

The move to this new perfectly paved process runway is for many no mean feat, as legacy and traditional applications implemented their own baked-in ‘process way’. On top of this Commercial off the shelf (COTS) products were extensively ‘customized’, ensuring that every process implementation was unique and therefore almost impossible to effectively manage and change. But in a world where cloud native, 5G, big data, distributed ledger technologies, agile and microservices tears down the once well-defended boundaries, every Technology Business must ensure that their process landscape covers the entire technology business enterprise in a truly holistic, agile, secure and value for money way.

In their ultimate incarnations, processes become self-optimizing and touchless, as the silent companions to a frictionless enterprise.

Not exactly a Mayfly.

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