Henk de Ruiter

Experto en Cybersecurity

I am a successful Cybersecurity Leader / Programma Director with a lot of dedication. I have the unique style to combine enough subject matter expertise with real interest in the people working in the project and right level of attention for results, process, politics and project administration.

Henk de Ruiter

Mi experiencia

Leader Cybersecurity Financial Services @ Capgemini


Program Director / Principal Consultant @ Capgemini


Senior Program Manager / Principal Consultant @ Capgemini

12/16/2008 to 12/10/2014

Senior Project Manager @ Banking

04/06/2004 to 11/12/2008

Senior Business Consultant @ Computer Software

02/05/2002 to 10/19/2005

Senior Business Consultant @ Information Technology and Services

03/04/1992 to 12/13/2001