GDPR: raise your eyes

May 25th is around the corner. A lot of organizations have been working intensively during the last months in order to align their processes to this new ¿concern?. Let me stop your chronometer and help you to raise your eyes from the project plan for  a couple of minutes.

We are not talking about feedding up your organization with so much red tape. I mean, we are not talking about pure compliance but about taking you from the defensive to the offensive: the digital economy is asking for providers to be  transparent and proactive.

Final customers are aware that the scope of privacy is growing. They are demanding transparency. The sensitive information limit goes beyond religious beliefs, health or ethnic data. The new rules are going to apply in all countries and all jurisdictions. Millennials are a big part of our employees and clients and they are not open to work or buy with companies that are not managing data in the proper way.

Companies must commit to deploy all the preventive processes and technologies to reduce the risk of data leaks and protect end users right like the right to be forgotten. Additionally, they must build a disaster recovery plan in case of problem with the proper protocols for recovering and validating the data.

I hope these thoughts help you to back to basics and to think about the real reasons to face GDPR in a real and effective way and not to put a check in the box, this is not going to work anymore.

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