Driving the future – a podcast series

Fueled by such factors as the climate crisis and the digital revolution, the automotive industry is changing. Whether we’re talking about electric vehicles or the new customer experiences that digital technologies enable, whether it’s transforming from being a manufacturer into an organization that provides mobility services, the map of the industry is being re-drawn.

The commercial vehicle OEMs are confronted with significant challenges and opportunities. Tighter environmental regulation will compel them to shift their portfolio toward electric vehicles, whether battery electric vehicles (BEVs) or fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). Connected services will help achieve sustainability goals but also address much wider needs. Changes like these will force OEMs to look for new ways to innovate, both internally and externally.

Are you going to follow the path that others lay out, or grab the wheel and shape the future of mobility yourself? The promise of technology is big, but how do you get there?

Buckle yourselves in, let’s go for a ride and let’s start Driving the Future today.




Driving the future podcast series is part of Capgemini’s Smart Mobility Connect, a series of custom automotive offers that address the need for customer centricity. Smart Mobility Connect empowers clients to digitalize their core business and customer-facing channels (connected customer), monetize new growth potential (connected services and products), expand the profit pool with new partnerships (connected ecosystem), and transform to a customer-centric business, leveraging the overarching AI-enabled customer engine platform. https://www.capgemini.com/service/invent/smart-mobility-connect/


Sebastian Tschödrich

Global Head of Automotive, Capgemini Invent

Christian Hummel

Head of Automotive Germany, Capgemini Invent


Dr. Philipp Haaf

Head of eMobility Solutions, Capgemini Invent


Daniel Buchmann

eMobility Solutions expert, Capgemini Invent