WOW Podcast #3: The future of work!

WOW is a podcast series for all of us that are passionate about innovation in any shape or form.

This week we meet Head of People & Organization Capgemini Invent – Sweden & Finland, Madeleine Bernhardsson, who works with supporting clients in building a future-ready organization in the digital age from the inside-out.

AI and automation are already having enormous impact on employees, organizations and society. Madeleine talks about how the future belongs to businesses that are agile inside out behaving as living entities capable of reinventing themselves and how this transition relies not only on technology, process, and data evolution. But also on the people behind it. Technologies are the driver for disruption, but digital transformation needs people leading it.

She tells us about how the digital talent gap to master those transitions is still not closed: Job roles are fundamentally shifting, demanding re-skilling, up-skilling, and change management. Different leadership and talent are required, and new ways of working must be put in place to deliver outcomes in the digital age.

About the host

The podcast is hosted by our own Fanny Widman, who also runs a famous podcast in Sweden on gender balance called Fannys Förebilder (Fannys Förebilder/Fanny’s role models). Fanny has a background in IT sales and has also studied marketing on IHM Business School in Stockholm. She is passionate about creating conversations that matters and sharing insights that can benefit many!