Simon Tjessem

Why I became interested in management consulting

Working part time jobs next to my studies made me realize business can be fun in a surprisingly wide range of industries. I realized how I appreciated solving real and varied problems rather than more routine tasks. Management consulting was intriguing to me as it implied solving complex problems across a wide range of industries together with a group of highly skilled people. After testing an internship at Capgemini Consulting I became convinced I was on the right path.

Highlights of my career so far

To me the highlight of my career in CC has been the totality. I’m very pleased to have had the opportunity to work on a range of different exciting projects. So far I’ve been working within shipping, oil and gas, retail, health, NGO, chemicals, and electronical equipment. While I’ve mainly been working on analytical projects related to business development, I’ve also had the opportunity to touch upon project management, facilitation, and change management. Quite the range for less than two years!

What I like about Capgemini

The two main things I value most at CC is the work life balance and the culture. While some projects can get intense there’s a culture where face time is non-existent, and you can influence some of your workload by choosing which activities to get involved in. Being able to have a life next to work is of great value. The people here are also all down to earth, help each other out and create a great working environment!

Working here has given me…

Working for Capgemini has helped me continuously develop my business and consultancy skills. I have also been able to learn from people with different experiences and seniority, and to grow as a person. I’ve continuously further developed a structured mindset for problem solving, and learned to embrace new and difficult challenges.

Simon Tjessem