Rak Singh

North America

Every day provides an opportunity to learn something new, to mentor and to be mentored, and to help our clients achieve their strategic goals.

What drives me to work

Every day provides an opportunity to learn something new, to mentor and to be mentored, and to help our clients achieve their strategic goals. What better time to be working than now, as each and every one of us has the opportunity to make an impact and do something great in our career.

My usual work day

My primary responsibility is to help our clients and our teams win, which in turn helps Capgemini win. So, my day revolves around doing whatever it takes to achieve that. We should no longer think in terms of what our “job description” is but rather in terms of the impact we can make.

What are the basic skill sets/education/experience required to be a Principal?

I think the most important trait is having the passion to help our clients solve their business problems. The ability to stay relevant, to stay hungry and to have a strong desire to work collaboratively as one team will be critical for our individual and our collective success. I’ve worked with smart and successful individuals with varied backgrounds and have come to understand that a team with diverse thinking will deliver the best outcomes.

My Aim

I have two simple goals:

  1. To be better today than I was yesterday
  2. To share what I’ve learnt and to repay my mentors by passing on their invaluable coaching to others

Overcoming Challenges in my work

The biggest challenge I personally face is staying relevant to our clients, to our teams and to Capgemini. That means that I have to dedicate time to acquire new skills and read the applicable industry news. Capgemini facilitates the same by providing us with a great platform (the University, MyLearning etc.).

What motivates me?

We are living in exciting times and there are opportunities everywhere you look. What better time than now to have a meaningful career that we can look back on one day and be proud of?

How Capgemini empowers me?

I work with great leaders and team mates and there is immense trust and respect in each other. If there is something that I coaching on, I need only raise my hand and I’m surrounded by people who’re willing to help me. And likewise, if there is anyone that I can help or anything that I can help with, please let me know and I’ll gladly be of service however I can.

What makes me Proud?

Being part of a team that is laser-focused on helping our clients and our employees succeed, is the best thing anyone can ask for in their career. I’m proud and humbled to be amongst such incredibly talented people and I am thankful for the opportunity to contribute to our continued success.

Why Capgemini?

That’s simple. We have the hunger, the passion, the intelligence and the drive to win in the marketplace. If you like redefining your limits, learning from brilliant team mates and helping clients win, then this is the place and the time is now.

My advice for aspiring Principals

As Simon Sinek says, Know your own “Why”. The work that we do is hard and we can often get distracted by the daily grind. I had to learn how to stay centered and not lose sight of how meaningful the work that we are doing is. Grit mixed with passion, humility and a strong desire to be the best version of yourself each and every day will take you to wherever you want to go.

Rak Singh