Miran Hasanagic

Listening is the key to identifying core challenges and solutions
  • Why did you choose to work at Capgemini?
    In Capgemini, you both get freedom and trust from the start, which enables you to deliver value to the customer. Additionally, you work in an interdisciplinary environment, so there are people from different fields that you can work with and learn from. We’re not just a global brand with a local office, but a true, integrated worldwide consultancy and systems integrator. As a person, I like to learn new things, and such an environment provides an opportunity to develop new technical as well as interpersonal skills.
  • Why did you choose to join Digital Health at Capgemini?
    I believe that healthcare is both an important and interesting field, and Capgemini already has extensive experience working with healthcare clients across the entire country where we provide technology consulting, management consulting, technical architecture design, and custom development services – based on partnerships that have lasted for decades. There is therefore a lot of potential to leverage these capabilities for digitalization when working with systems such as Epic, Columna, or other healthcare systems. Together with my colleagues, I can be part of delivering end-to-end solutions that create value for healthcare specialists and patients.
  • Which opportunities does Capgemini offer?
    A combination of my first two responses provides a good answer: personal freedom, together with experienced colleagues, ensures that we deliver a quality product for our customers while also improving on a personal level.
  • Who would you recommend Capgemini to?
    I would recommend Capgemini to people who enjoy diving into business aspects and exploring technical possibilities. Therefore, if you like to apply your passion for technology by engaging with people in order to solve their technical and business challenges, you should definitely apply. In my experience, Capgemini is different from other IT consultancy companies. It’s about people and making a difference for other people, through technology and digital transformation. Being an architect of a positive future. That’s what I love.
  • What are you an Ace at?
    I am great at tailoring solutions to the customer due to my experience from the Health sector, and most importantly, because I put much emphasis on listening to the customer’s needs, as each organization is unique. Listening is the key to identifying core challenges and solutions.
Miran Hasanagic