Alex Hatfield

"At Capgemini, we are lucky to have amazing leadership that empowers and enables us at all levels to make a difference."

“People might not always remember exactly what you said or did, but they will always remember how you made them feel” – Maya Angelou

What drives me to work

At Capgemini, we are lucky to have amazing leadership that empowers and enables us at all levels to make a difference and have a voice in how we solve clients’ problems as well as improve our own homebase process, tools, etc. For me, being able to work at a place where I can be actively engaged in so much going on and help us all work towards a unified goal is motivating.

My usual work day

I usually keep a running checklist of things I need to complete or follow-up on. I usually review the list and iteratively run through that list as things are added and completed. Tasks can include anything from the many internal initiatives I’m working on like methodology and GTM decks to client RFPs or deliverables.

What it takes to be a DCX Consultant

Aside from the technical skills, which I think are always evolving; some of the most important and universal skill sets I aim for are: Organization, clear/concise communication, timely task completion, and being able to think through the details in a logical fashion.

My Aim

Not only to make a valuable difference on client projects, but also to continuously improve my own skill set and help Capgemini to grow in any way I can!

Overcoming Challenges in my work

Again, I think our leadership team is always available to help overcome challenges whether they be on projects or about your career. It is up to each individual to work towards developing symbiotic connections with their co-workers and build their network. That way, when you have a technical question about software, you can reach out to a friend you worked with on a previous project. Or when you have a career counseling question, you have a mentor you can trust to give you sound advice.

What motivates me?

Being allowed the opportunity to voice ideas and solutions!

How Capgemini empowers me?

Flexibility and opportunities to take initiative and get involved in the ongoing changes.

What makes me Proud?

It is rewarding to see a solution come to life on a project that you worked on. Looking at the results and being able to identify little tidbits of your ideas; or seeing how the team came together to form a really awesome end-product shows how these connections bring some pretty awesome results!

Why Capgemini?

Capgemini is making huge investments and steps towards growing our Digital and BTS practices, so it is a great time to start building a place for yourself from the beginning!

My advice for aspiring Senior DCX Consultant

  • Work on developing the mentor relationships and network of friends you can call on when you need technical help or career advice.
  • It is your own responsibility to develop your path and work towards building the skillset you need to reach your goal.
  • Never under-estimate soft-skills like organization, communication, and being kind to everyone.
Alex Hatfield