Adris Mohammed

I love coaching people. I ace people engagement.

It’s a great feeling as I love what I do because it involves variety and engaging with people at all levels.

  • What do you love about your job?
    I initially joined Capgemini as a contractor for three months, and that was over 10 years ago and I’m still here! If you were to ask me why? It’s because I love the people I work with. Capgemini has great people to work with. It’s also an environment where I have the freedom to create, to improvise, and be entrepreneurial.
  • How does Capgemini empower you to master your skills?
    Capgemini has given me the freedom to experiment and learn both on and off the job. I work with a team of great, like-minded people so I benefit by sharing our learning and experiences.
  • How does Capgemini help support your sense of purpose in your career?
    I feel valued and that is a direct result of the Capgemini culture; but not only that culture aspect, it comes from the amount of investment Capgemini has made in me over my time here, right from the day I started. Sometimes it’s been small things, where they create an environment where business leaders will sit down with me and have real conversations, where they take the time to get to know me and know my family, and that gives me a real sense of purpose.
  • How does Capgemini give you the autonomy to make decisions?
    I work in a great team environment that is fun and collaborative – this itself drives us toward common goals. It’s also an environment in which I can feel proud, not just of the Capgemini brand, but of the company, and of a “family” that I love to work for.
  • What do you love about the way of working at Capgemini?
    The people at Capgemini make all the difference – we have fun and laugh while getting the job done. It has a culture that promotes creativity and trust. These things are really important to me – it’s like home away from from home.
  • How does this all combine for you to have passion for what you do?
    I have worked in the field of Human Resources all my working career and at Capgemini it has been truly different and rewarding. Most of all, I thrive on the variety of work – every day is so different!
  • What was your most memorable moment in your Capgemini journey?
    There are lots! Some of the most memorable relate to helping out students from the local schools and universities at which we mentor and coach students about real work-based challenges. Seeing them work, create, and develop in our environment, seeing how they absorb that environment are very inspiring and gives me a real sense of energy to continue doing what I do, which is people engagement.
  • What are you an Ace at?
    I’m ace at talking and engaging at all levels and having real conversations with people. I love connecting people with people.
  • Sign off your Employee story with….
    I love coaching people. I ace people engagement.
Adris Mohammed