Digital Transformation Review 11 – Artificial Intelligence Decoded

Artificial Intelligence – read this latest review whether you are a proactive adopter or watchful bystander!

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The 11th edition of Capgemini’s flagship publication, the Digital Transformation Review, focuses on Artificial Intelligence (AI). It’s a topic of high interest to both consumers and enterprises alike.

This edition – Digital Transformation Review: Artificial Intelligence Decoded – presents a nuanced perspective on AI to help cut through the hype and fog.

We spoke to leaders and experts from a broad spectrum: large corporates, tech startups, academics, venture capitalists, and technology vendors. Often an entry point for organizations looking to explore the benefits of artificial intelligence, we also cover our research on voice assistants.

AI will be the most debated, invested in, and disruptive business technology trend over the coming years. Organizations must cut through the fog and understand how to apply this innovation and become a truly intelligent enterprise.Lanny Cohen, Chief Innovation Officer, Capgemini.

 Explore the varied perspectives in the sections below:

AI: Augmented Intelligence matches people and machines

Putting AI to Work: With Customers and Within the Enterprise

AI: Adaptable Intelligence

AI: Survival of the Smartest

Make AI a Daily Habit

Democratizing AI for traditional businesses

AI: Already Delivering Measurable Results Across Sectors

AI – Augmenting, Not Replacing, Human Intelligence

The need for a long-term AI strategy

AI: Automating, Accelerating and Improving Decision-Making