Securing Enterprise IoT from Vulnerabilities and Breaches

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Intel and Capgemini have combined their security expertise to deliver an end-to-end IoT security solution. Their hardware and software components are pre-validated, assuring businesses of interoperability. They secure the entire IoT ecosystem, from edge to cloud.

Securing Enterprise IoT from Vulnerabilities and Breaches

With the number of connected devices set to reach 26 billion by 2020, the number of potential attack points is staggering—and hackers are ready to take advantage. As malicious players become more sophisticated and successful, enterprises need strong solutions to protect their Internet of Things (IoT) systems against known and emerging threats.

Intel and Capgemini deliver an end-to-end IoT security solution

Intel and Capgemini have developed a solution that delivers secure enterprise IoT, components pre-validated for interoperability, and an accreditation process.

Solution Benefits

  • Pre-validation. Off-the-shelf security components and capabilities pre-validated to work together
  • Edge to cloud security coverage. Integrated hardware, middleware, and software to protect the whole IoT ecosystem
  • Quick path to accreditation. The right components and accreditation process for enterprises to apply for third-party certification or meet compliance objectives
  • Security expertise. Intel brings over 30 years designing sophisticated hardware, processing, and software technologies with an increasing focus on enabling security. Capgemini brings a dedicated team of security consultants with specialization in industrial cybersecurity

Significance of Standards based Security

Secure IoT is essential for a range of industries, including government contracts, power generation and distribution, healthcare, manufacturing, transport logistics, and consumer smart home services provided by utilities and telcos. Joint Intel and Capgemini security and management IoT solutions from edge to cloud use and meet stringent French standards body ANSSI security standards during development and testing phases, as well as ANSSI operational security standards. Capgemini guarantees the accreditation for the agent on the gateway, the XIoT platform and the link between both – security that covers edge to cloud, and will help ensure customers gain compliance certification for their deployments through the accreditation process.

For more information or to get started with an accreditation engagement, contact Emmanuel Barsacq, engage our experts to start an IoT solution engagement, or visit

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