In-store Analytics – bringing the wealth of online customer insights to brick and mortar stores

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Most retailers use store counting and Point-Of-Sale (POS) transactions to understand in-store activity. However, it is not enough to determine where customers go within a store, the products they are interacting with, the products they considered but abandoned or how satisfied they are from their interaction with store associates.

Today’s retail store managers struggle to get valuable insights from in-store activity. Challenges include:

  • Customer type: How many customers enter the store? Are they new or repeat visitors? For new visitors, are they locals or not?
  • Omni-channel links: Do customers visiting the store have an online account? If so, what is their online activity? What is their latest purchase and what items are placed in their cart?
  • In-store interactions: Where do customer go first? Where do they linger? Did they engage with a store associate? If so, how long? How long did they stay in the store?
  • Access to in-store analytics: Can store managers access real-time data? Is store data available on any device? Can reports be easily and dynamically categorized and customized?

Advances in store monitoring technologies, such as video cameras and customer location trackers, provide retailers with actionable data on store layout efficiencies, planograms and product assortments. Retailers can now access invaluable insights such as, for example, products that receive customer interest but are abandoned in the fitting room, suggesting that size or fit may be the reason.

In-store Analytics – bringing...

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