Future of Technology Forum – Silicon Valley

Accelerate Sustained Competitive Advantage Using Modern Data Infrastructure

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Bringing Silicon Valley to the Nordics!

On 25th March we had a pleasure to host an exclusive virtual event to learn from Silicon Valley’s preeminent thought leaders and innovators who champion the value and impact of data for competitive advantage. This event provided  real-time insights into what is needed to accelerate the development of a modern data architecture.

In partnership with Capgemini’s flagship Applied Innovation Exchange in San Francisco, leading Silicon Valley players, Capgemini Nordics, and clients like H&M and Novo Nordisk  you will get the latest trends within the area.

Accelerated business transformation happens at an unprecedented scale as businesses rethink the meaning of data and data systems. We’re starting to see the rise of massive, complex systems built around data – where the primary business value of the system comes from the analysis of data, rather than from the software directly.

Value is amplified as a result of collaboration through new digital service platforms. The API Economy is no longer a buzzword, many businesses today have adopted an API First strategy. Data and data analytics are becoming the product. Designing and implementing new blueprints for building a modern data infrastructure will be essential for organizations of the future.


  • Fireside Chat with Bob Muglia, world renowned technologist & former CEO of Snowflake
  • Introduction to two Silicon Valley start-ups – FiveTran & Fishtown analytics
  • Panel discussion with H&M, Novo Nordisk, Cognite, BillerudKorsnäs

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Watch a replay of Capgemini Nordic Future of Technology Forum, which we now share as video on demand

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Detailed program

Fireside Chat with Bob Muglia, world renowned technologist & former CEO of Snowflake

A conversation about why data architecture transformation is critical for enterprise success and a forward-looking perspective on the speed of technology adoption & innovation. Join Bob and Andreas as they discuss the next phase of innovation, growth and powerful outcomes that result from investing in modern data infrastructure.

Bob Muglia
Renowned technologist & former CEO
of Snowflake

Andreas Sjostrom
AIE San Francisco Director at Capgemini



Silicon Valley Meet up
You’ll have the opportunity to hear directly from leading Silicon Valley startups whose products are helping global enterprises deploy modern data infrastructure at scale. Fishtown Analytics and Fivetran will share insights into the impact their companies have on transforming the role data plays in developing a competitive advantage.

George Fraser, CEO at Fivetran

Tristan Handy, CEO and Co-Founder at Fishtown Analytics

Panel Discussion with Industry Leaders

Topic: “Making the ‘analysis of data’ your product”
Making the right choices is more important now than ever, as we continue to shift from software based purely on code to systems that combine code and data to deliver value. Effective data capabilities are now table stakes for companies across all sectors – and winning at data can deliver durable competitive advantage.

  • How does data and data systems contribute directly to business results?
  • What are the key blueprints to consider when building a modern data infrastructure?
  • How do you build proficiency in using data and data systems to drive competitive advantage?
  • What are the new key roles that drive adoption of modern data culture?
  • What is the future of the Great Convergence: Analytics and AI/ML?


Errol Koolmeister
Head of AI Foundation  at H&M

Eva Harström
CDO at BillerudKorsnäs

Sachin Dhoble
Vice President, Head of Data Office at Novo Nordisk

John Lervik
CEO at Cognite

Hosts of the event:

Anil Agarwal
CEO Capgemini Nordics and Global Sales Officer, Northern and Central Europe

Ivar Aune
Head of Insights&Data at Capgemini



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