Energy – how we reduce energy demand and consumption

We consider energy efficiency in all aspects of our office and data center operations – from the smart management of lighting, heating, and cooling systems, to creating more agile, collaborative, and innovative workplaces which reduce the amount of office space we occupy.

Employee action drives further progress in many countries for example through creative switch-off campaigns and office energy champions to inspire sustainable behavior change. Across the Group, we have reduced total energy use by 18% since 2015, driven by a 7% reduction in office energy use and a 37% reduction in data center energy use.

Energy reduction at a glanceenergy reduction

Investing in renewable energy: Focus on India

In addition to our focus on reducing our absolute energy consumption, we look for opportunities to switch to cleaner, renewable energy sources. Our Indian offices account for over 56% of the Group’s office energy consumption and 78% of office energy emissions. In 2018, we took significant steps to improve the energy efficiency and sustainability credentials of our Indian offices.

  • We have continued to develop our renewable energy capacity across our Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune campuses with additional solar installations coming up at Bangalore and Mumbai. In total, we have deployed over 5 MW of solar power within our facilities which generated 5.1 GWh of electricity in 2018.
  • Over 1500 solar panels installed at our Airoli campus, which generate 675,000 kWh of electricity annually are helping to avoid 580 tonnes of CO2e.

solar tree

Our first ever solar tree at the Airoli campus

Taking inspiration from the natural environment, India’s Corporate Real Estate Services team also created and installed the first ever solar tree at our Airoli campus in Mumbai. The unique tree-like structure has a functional power generator that mimics a tree trunk with solar panels acting as leaves.



Thinking differently about our office spaces – an office that generates more energy than it consumes

We opened one of our most sustainable offices to date this year in Lille, France. 80% of the construction is made from wood and over half of the site is covered by glass maximizing the amount of natural light. The roof houses a solar array which produces more energy than the office itself consumes, leading to the site receiving BEPOS (Positive Energy) certification. In addition, the office is built around a large central garden providing a connection to the natural environment.

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