Environmental Sustainability

Delivering positive solutions for environmental issues, managing our own impacts and supporting clients

CDP "A" List stamp for Climate Action

We have been commended for our approach to managing climate action this year, achieving a place on global environmental impact non-profit, CDP’s prestigious ‘A List’ for climate change. Joining the A list recognizes our commitment to sustainability as part of our Architects of Positive Futures ambition.


Read our new report – The Sustainable Business Revolution, to find out why we believe business must pivot to an ecosystem approach to hit 2030 carbon targets or find out more about our partnership with the World Climate Summit.

Architects of Positive Futures

Environmental Sustainability is core to our Architects of Positive Futures strategy. Discover how we bring innovation to all and how our people contribute to making a positive impact.


Managing our resources: our key impact areas

We are committed to cutting our carbon emissions and we were one of the first companies in our sector to have our carbon reduction target validated by the Science-Based Target initiative (SBTi). This confirms that our goals are consistent with the global effort to keep average temperature increase well below the 2°C threshold agreed at the COP21 climate conference in Paris.

science based target

Find out how we have achieved a 11%  reduction in travel emissions per head since 2015 Find out how we are driving down energy consumption and how we achieved a 18% reduction in total energy use since 2015. Find out how we’re closing the loop on waste and how we have achieved a 17% reduction in waste generated per employee since 2015.


Our approach to Environmental Sustainability


  • We drive efficiency and innovation across our business operations, focusing on our most material environmental impact areas – travel reduction, energy and waste management.
  • Our target is to reduce our carbon footprint per employee by 30% by 2030.


  • We recognize the greatest contribution we can make to addressing environmental challenges is through the services we deliver to our clients, leveraging our combined innovation and technology.
  • Our target is to help our clients save 10 million tonnes of CO2e by 2030.
  • 30 capabilities that can and are delivering tangible sustainability benefits to our clients.


  • We monitor and report our environmental impacts transparently to meet our ambitious Science-Based Targets.
  • We have a world-class Carbon Accounting System that collects and analyzes 10 million data points each year.
  • Central to our strategy is a Global Environmental Management System covering 22 countries, and operations associated with 91.5% of our headcount.
  • Our Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA) uses scientific research to identify the top climate hazards facing Capgemini.

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