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Client Story

Helping Prostate Cancer Patients Combat the Side Effects of Treatment


Prostate cancer patients, who are suffering from the effects of treatment, need to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to improve their symptoms. Exercise is the key to managing some symptoms, as well as helping patients stay positive. However, many men don’t have the stamina, or even the desire, to go to a gym to work out. Capgemini Invent was approached to develop a solution that would encourage prostate cancer patients to combat symptoms with exercise.


Since the target audience wasn’t going to the gym to workout, we brought the workout to them. The Man PlanTM was created to provide patients with everything they need to follow a specially-designed workout program that would help them manage some of their symptoms. Patients received a complete Man PlanTM kit, which included a DVD, manual, exercise bands, and access to a digital portal. On the portal, patients could easily access step-by-step exercises. A Certified Exercise Physiologist automatically tracked each patient’s progress and special counselors personally called participants and sent a new exercise band when the patient was ready to progress to the next level. Additional support was made available to the patients by joining the Man PlanTM Community.


The Man PlanTM proved to be successful in the following ways:

  • Within the first few months, pilot program enrollment projections were met
  • Overall goals far exceeded initial expectations
  • Demand and adaptation of the Man PlanTM has stretched across the US