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CRI Ranked No.1 for fourth consecutive time by Source Global Research

30 Apr 2020

Capgemini recognized as tackling new topics adjacent to crowded thought leadership areas

For a fourth consecutive time, the Capgemini Research Institute has been ranked No. 1 for producing top quality thought leadership, by independent professional services research firm Source Global Research[1]. Capgemini’s thought leadership was also rated the highest against other consultancies in all key areas: differentiation; appeal; resilience; and prompting action.

In Source Global Research’s latest report, “Quality Ratings of Thought Leadership For The Second Half of 2019”, Capgemini once again came out on top among 20 leading consultancies and technology firms. It was recognized as being the first to tackle new topics that are adjacent to crowded thought leadership areas by publishing high-scoring research pieces like Emotional Intelligence – the essential skillset for the age of AI. It was also commended for having built enviable consistency in its catalogue. The evaluation is based on data from White Space, a database built by Source Global Research, which analyzes and ranks consulting and technology firms’ thought leadership based on its one-of-a-kind assessment methodology.

Fiona Czerniawska, Founder and Joint Managing Director, Source Global Research said, “We want to congratulate Capgemini on maintaining its position at the top in our latest rankings — it’s a fantastic achievement, built on a foundation of strong consistency. Capgemini leverages incredibly smart targeting to step away from the crowd, and we look forward to seeing how they build upon this achievement in the future.”

With the current context of COVID-19, the Capgemini Research Institute recently launched a series of research notes on the impact of the pandemic, to provide businesses with timely and concrete recommendations on how to tackle the environment and prepare for recovery. The research notes include learnings from best-in-class organizations, advice from Capgemini experts, surveys with consumers and interviews with clients and academics. Current and future topics in the research notes series address:

  • Remote working
  • Boosting cybersecurity immunity
  • Restoring disrupted supply chains
  • Impact on consumer behaviors in retail
  • Impact on consumer behaviors in automotive
  • Impact on consumer behaviors in financial services

Jerome Buvat, Global Head of the Capgemini Research Institute said, “We are honored to have topped the list from Source Global Research for the fourth consecutive time. We are committed to delivering research that provides valuable insights and recommendations for our clients and are continuing that goal with our current COVID-19 research notes.”

Created in 2012, the Capgemini Research Institute is a dedicated in-house think tank focused on exploring the impact of emerging technologies on businesses. The Institute works with a global ecosystem of internal and external experts to produce high-quality publications with sharp actionable insights and analysis on digital technologies.