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Digital transformation

Tomorrow just arrived – accelerating transformation in retail

Can a hybrid digital-physical retail brand really exist? As the world of retail reimagines the shopping experience, our podcast examines whether there’s still a place for the high street store as part of a true omni-channel shopping model.

The way we shop and consume goods has been changing for several years, but the high street has been slow to adapt – until now. Steve Hewett, Gordon Young and Rob Hollands chat with show host Molly Hall about the sudden acceleration of retail transformation in our Future Sight podcast episode The Store of Tomorrow.

Retail is not alone in undergoing digital transformation. Banking. Education. Utilities. Change is everywhere. And pretty much all sectors have had to slam their foot on the accelerator pedal in 2020 as commerce and services moved online almost overnight.

There are winners and losers in retail, with some great success stories of brands pivoting to roll out a truly omni-channel experience. For example, shopping via video conferencing, or augmented reality in virtual fashion retail stores.

These winners are making the experience as seamless and relevant to consumers as possible. They’re using automation to enhance the experience, not detract from it. To augment what their people can do and redefine the in-store experience. Or to operate with fewer – even zero – staff.
Tune in to our podcast to find out how the innovative CornerShop retail concept is testing out The Store of Tomorrow… today.

001: The Store of Tomorrow Future Sight with Capgemini Invent

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About the Speakers

Steve Hewett

Head of Customer Transformation, frog, Capgemini Invent UK