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From operator to orchestrator – the new role for GBS

Musings from the HFS Digital Roundtable – GBS is still relevant, but its role is changing to meet the demands of enterprises.

In July 2021, HFS conducted a digital roundtable with Capgemini to explore the future of global business services (GBS) and the role of outsourcing. The event brought together more than 30 industry leaders from major enterprises and law and consulting firms to discuss the relevancy of GBS organizations in today’s environment.

In this paper you will learn how the role of GBS organizations has grown increasingly sophisticated to become managers of diverse service delivery models, including centralized captive services, outsourced delivery, and function-focused activities. The benefits of GBS organizations have expanded to those linked to business outcomes and value-added results. GBS organizations will increasingly scale elastically, depending on service delivery focus and value generation.

To learn more about the new role of GBS, download the full HFS paper by Don Ryan (Chief Strategy Officer, HFS) and Mayank Madhur (Associate Practice Leader, HFS).