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A blueprint for closing the gap between Business and IT

Bringing you the big picture with Application Services mapped to your business imperatives

Whether at work or in personal life, consumers expect intuitive user interactions in real time – anywhere and on any device – every time they communicate with IT. And this is almost always in the form of applications.

App loyalty equals brand loyalty – and when it comes to your business goals, your IT is the great equalizer

For today’s customers, application loyalty (or rather application user experience) has essentially become synonymous with your brand loyalty. To guarantee that your IT and applications deliver – and continue to deliver – in this rapidly changing environment, a blueprint for harmonizing the goals of your IT function with those of your business is crucial.

Essentially, this blueprint should enable you to help IT become a true partner to your business by:

• Defining IT imperatives that support the goals of your business
• Sourcing the right partners for your transformation
• Overcoming legacy constraints
• Demanding – and getting – more skin in the game from your suppliers
• Driving transformation based on your business imperatives and actionable insights.

Sourcing an Applications Services partner who can help you bring it all together

The core of this blueprint is a concerted approach that defines IT goals that are harmonized with your business – and puts the acceleration of the achievement of your business imperatives at the heart of everything you do. So much of this is dependent on your ability to source the right Application Services partner for your business – a partner who sees the big picture and can align with all of your most critical business goals.

Capgemini’s ADMnext does just this. With our targeted focus on your business imperatives to optimize your “here-and-now,” an Agile way of working, and a product-oriented operating model, ADMnext bridges the gap between IT and Business and enables you to:

• Drive efficiency, continuous improvement and cost reductions
• Optimize and secure your estate and accelerate future change
• Align with your industry and business requirements
• Drive innovation and orchestrate change with disruptive business and IT models.

Download our informative white paper on the top to find out more on how you can bring everything ADMnext has to offer your business with our concerted, benefit-focused Application Services approach.

Meet our experts

Clifton Menezes

Executive Vice-President – Technology Solutions and Go-To-Market.
“We see our ADMnext engagements as an opportunity to build a long-term relationship with our customers by supporting them in their transformation journey as a trusted partner. Our approach is end-to-end, encompasses all layers of the stack, and is aimed at elevating customer experience and uplifting business value, while demonstrating our cost-effectiveness, transformational abilities, and agility.”