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Looking to the sky – embracing the cloud for business transformation

June 29, 2020

Agility, flexibility, and efficiency are critical to business success. The contrast – legacy systems, rigid infrastructure, and outdated platforms – only stunt enterprise growth and frustrate employees and customers. It’s long been known that the cloud is a prerequisite for business survival and success in the modern world. But despite this, scaled uptake continues to be slow due to technical and organizational complexity

The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a spotlight on businesses that had ventured into the cloud haphazardly. Those organizations that could adapt were those that had started their cloud journey months and years before. Not only that, they had understood that the cloud is an answer to business challenges, rather than yet another thing to incorporate into the IT silo. Cloud is the must-have foundation from which to take the next leap in the digital journey.

Now is the time for businesses to move from cloud exploration to cloud transformation and in doing so, understand the pivotal, underpinning role the cloud will play in their future. Across industries, the cloud is key to making organizations quicker, more responsive, and more efficient.

However, like all transformations, adopting the cloud is a journey – and a tough one. The pace and willingness of adoption are often constrained by a lack of understanding, no clear priorities, and a failure to accurately identify risks.

At Capgemini, we have developed a comprehensive strategy to help organizations transition to a cloud-first way of working that maps clearly back to business objectives, categorized by three pillars:


Cloud migration must relate back to business outcomes – for example, enabling quicker service delivery to customers or facilitating the remote workforce. By analyzing the state of play, Capgemini can create a roadmap for a compelling cloud-value case that is tied back to business objectives.


From there, we work alongside you to transform your organization’s application portfolio and the workloads that will benefit most from the cloud model. What are your organization’s current cloud competencies? What does the legacy infrastructure look like, and how big is the gap between where you are and where you want to be?

We then provision the platforms that deliver the performance, economics, and security required. Capgemini then orchestrates those platforms to work together within the overall enterprise architecture. At the same time, we help identify the cultural, organizational, and skills-based changes needed to enable the true potential of the cloud.


Now it’s time to harness the full potential of the cloud and move into the operations phase. Here, we can assist in managing the application and infrastructure services in the new cloud environment, supported by extensive automation, so that IT teams can focus on other priorities. At the same time, new business use cases can be identified as they come, meaning new enhancements can be continually deployed to improve the cloud environment and organizations can stay ahead of the curve.

Migrating to the cloud is a big undertaking and, without the right strategy and guidance, enabling its full potential is difficult. Capgemini’s cloud services are all-encompassing and we are adept at enabling large and complex transformations at scale – no matter where you are in your cloud journey.

  • The UK Government’s Home Office turned to Capgemini’s experts to manage a migration to the AWS platform. This made it faster and easier for the public to apply for visas, and for Home Office staff to make millions of decisions each year.
  • We helped CONA Services execute one of the largest implementations of SAP HANA on Azure platform. This new platform provided improved stability, performance, and speed.

Just last year, we signed a contract with a large medical company to help it transform its IT landscape and take full advantage of the cloud’s potential. As part of this partnership, we are supporting this client in delivering a cloud-first strategy that aligns to the company’s strategic goals and transformation plan.

It’s time to move from cloud exploration to cloud transformation. For your operations, your customers, and your employees, the cloud is the way forward. To find out more about how Capgemini can help you become a cloud-first organization, please click here.

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