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Capgemini’s rugby proud heritage – a love story that is building momentum

Thomas Hirsch
February 20, 2020

It’s thanks to Serge Kampf, our late visionary leader who founded the organization in 1967. He used to say he had three passions: Capgemini; his family; and rugby.

In rugby, Serge saw the core values required for business success, including team spirit, boldness, honesty, and trust. And rugby’s principles of leadership, competitiveness, and innovation also form the foundations of our Group and underpin Capgemini’s global success. Those values remain inherent to our business, and are critical to achievement and successful leadership.

“Rugby is a team sport in which you can’t accomplish anything without the rest of your teammates.” -Serge Kampf

In early 2018 we were proud to write the next chapter of our rugby story by becoming Global Innovation Partner of the World Rugby Sevens Series. To succeed in Rugby Sevens it requires a combination of skill, aggression, pace, and some luck. Most of all, it is about teamwork. Collaboration, in sport and business, is critical for creative solutions.

We believe Rugby Sevens is the perfect game to represent Capgemini’s worldwide reach and ambition, as it is diverse, growing rapidly, and pioneering. Moreover, it is arguably the most innovative sport on the planet, and it has gained so much momentum in recent years. It is 137 years since two Scottish butchers from Melrose, Scotland, invented Rugby Sevens to raise funds for their local rugby club. Innovation has powered the sport ever since. Consider the inventive ways that the Fijian men find the try line, with what 2016 Olympic winning coach Ben Ryan calls “structured unstructured” play, or how the New Zealand women manage to find new ways to puncture defenses.

Capgemini is excited to use its expertise to take rugby into the digital world. We are determined to help our clients to be ahead of the game in the constantly evolving world in which we operate. Capgemini leads the way in helping organizations to transform through digital innovation, and technology has the opportunity to do the same for the game of rugby.

In the same way momentum has been building for sevens – especially after the sport made its Olympic debut in fantastic fashion at the Rio Games – our partnership with World Rugby goes from strength to strength. We are delighted to be working, for a third season, to enhance and innovate the fan experience – for current and future spectators.

Throughout the 2019-2020 Sevens Series, take advantage of the innovations that we have developed in conjunction with World Rugby, including the Match Predictor, and a virtual reality experience at games, and our Momentum Tracker table, new for this season. Capgemini’s love story with rugby shows no sign of ending, and that is good news for Rugby Sevens fans across the world.

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