5G and edge

With our help, our telco clients can develop strategies to develop, transform and deliver business value with 5G and multi-access edge computing (MEC).

5G and Edge will transform the telco industry in ways that we can’t yet even imagine. And we can help you take advantage of these opportunities – quickly, cost-efficiently, and at scale.

To do that, we combine technology, systems integration and engineering expertise across IT, operational technology (OT) and networks.

Our service offerings include:

• Plan and strategy through digital transformation
• 5G open network infrastructure
• Strategic service platforms
• Use cases and applications
• Ecosystem orchestration and integration
• 5G end-to-end business and operational services.

Work with us, and you’ll be ready to achieve the promises of Intelligent Industry, powered by data.

    Welcome to our 5G industry-focus labs

    To support organizations in their 5G journey and win the innovation game, we have developed the 5G labs.

    5G in industrial operations

    This report from Capgemini Research Institute looks at industrial companies’ appetite for speedy 5G adoption, why potential delays in 5G deploym

      What we do

      This transforms the way everyone – companies, governments and consumers – interacts and does business, leading to ground-breaking innovations and services.

      It connects devices, and collects and exploits data to unlock efficiency and innovation.

      It exploits 5G’s higher speeds and capacity, lower latency, and greater reliability to pave the way for many more innovative use cases, such as robots, automated machines, greater factory automation, augmented and virtual reality – all delivered at scale, cost-effectively, and through a highly flexible network.

      And it takes advantage of Edge computing’s ability to transform the way connected objects are designed. Any product or asset can instantly become smart, by bringing cloud applications closer to the device, optimizing service performance and experience.

      This gives CSPs a single, scalable, versatile, and future-proof infrastructure that can provide distributed cloud services – and more.

      It uses 5G to create bespoke networks that can meet the different connectivity requirements of consumers and of many different industry sectors.

      It enables networks to be upgraded faster and more cost-effectively, with an infrastructure that is highly agile, and with zero-touch orchestration.

      It uses Edge infrastructure to optimize networks for CSPs, offering distributed cloud services to enterprise players and third-party application providers.

      It puts computing power much closer to where data is generated, so there is almost zero latency in connection and processing.

      And it creates opportunities for more immersive and interactive services and experiences.

      Client stories

      5G and Edge on video

      Our collection of 5G & Edge videos showcase the engineering and IT capabilities we use to implement these technologies at scale.

      Expert perspectives

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      Cédric Bourrely
      Apr 14, 2022

      What we learned at MWC 2022

      Pierre Fortier
      Mar 4, 2022

      Meet our experts

      Carsten Rasmussen

      Principal Consultant & Certified Chief Architect
      Carsten is the leader of the telco consulting team and is a certified Chief Architect with a long track record in managing the architecture and business alignment in enterprise-wide digital transformation programs. His deep experience and ability to oversee the solution end-to-end reduces the risk and ensures the success of the programs.

      René Damgaard

      Director Industries & Financial Services
      René Damgaard is an experiened director with more than 20 years of experience working in the financial information technology and services sector, and spearheads our engagements with some of our largest clients in Denmark. René is also a member of the Danish Senior Management Team and oversees the industries and financial services sectors.