Intelligent Automation

Xavier Chelladurai

Expert in Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics

Experienced Leader in Automation with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, NLP,IT Process Automation with Orchestrators and Robotic Process Automation. Implemented Artificial Intelligence platform Ticket classification using Machine Learning and NLP and improved cost efficiency by 40% in AM and IM. Currently responsible for implementing Automation across Capgemini group as a part of Group Competitiveness. Experienced Engagement Head in leading large transition and transformation of IT ADM (Application evelopment and maintenance) services resulting in 60% cost reduction for large telecom service provider and Global music and publishing house. Speaker in international forums / conferences Telemanagement Forum World Conferences, Billing/OSS Conference, Software Engineering World conference.

Xavier Chelladurai

My experience

Vice President, Group Competitiveness - Automation @ Capgemini


Vice President - Automation Implementation @ Information Technology and Services

07/07/2015 to 08/11/2016

Group Delivery Head @ Information Technology and Services

10/14/2014 to 07/07/2015

Associate Vice President @ Information Technology and Services

01/22/2014 to 10/22/2014

Associate Vice President @ Information Technology and Services

10/09/2012 to 01/01/2014

Integrated Service Delivery Head @ Information Technology and Services

04/04/2012 to 10/17/2012

Global Operations Director @ Information Technology and Services

07/05/2000 to 09/05/2012

Professor of Computer Science @ Higher Education

07/13/1983 to 06/14/2000

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Xavier Chelladurai

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