Financial Services

Sankar Krishnan

Expert in Business of Technology: Digital, Mobility, Wearables

Member Executive Committee Capital Markets and Banking, Global Account Executive & Business Unit Head, Jury Innovators 50, Member Fintech community. I help my clients leverage best practices in technology for strategic cost advantage and revenue growth.

Sankar Krishnan

My experience

Executive Vice President, Banking & Capital Markets @ Capgemini


Head, Banking & Financial Services, North America @ Information Technology and Services

10/22/2013 to 02/10/2015

Global Client Engagement Head, Banking & Financial Services @ Information Technology and Services

05/06/2008 to 09/17/2013

SVP and Director @ Financial Services

01/07/1997 to 06/17/2008

Director, Global Transaction Services @ Financial Services

04/16/1991 to 05/13/2008

Latest Publications


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Sankar Krishnan

Customer preferences themselves dictate that banks retain the human touch.


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Sankar Krishnan

Banks are following a digital path to customer stickiness.