Peter Maloof

As the Director of the New York AIE, I help clients get beyond the ordinary. Because if you’re doing, “business as usual,” you won’t be doing it much longer. Today, there are multiple shifts occurring simultaneously. High-velocity shifts that are broad, complex, that drive new levels of disruption. And, when harnessed properly, those shifts can result in greater amounts of value creation.

Organizations must confront these new realities and develop an intrinsic ability to apply innovation. The risks of not acting, or acting in yesterday’s innovation paradigm, are far too great. Business now demands doing something beyond the ordinary.

The Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) is Capgemini’s platform that leverages a framework for action. The New York AIE is part of a global network of start-ups, designers, technologists, sector experts, technology partners, academics, and research organizations. We are purpose-designed to enable enterprises to discover relevant innovations and to contextualize and experiment with them.

The author, and TED talk star, Margaret Heffernan said, “For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate.” At the AIE we embody that principle. The hallmark of our organization is providing an immersive and transformative environment for the exploration, discovery, and application of innovation, as well as the rapid deployment of innovative ideas that can scale to create sustainable positive business impact.

Peter Maloof

My experience

Sr. Business Operations Specialist @ Information Technology and Services

JUN 2005 - APR 2006

Sr. Principal @ Information Technology and Services

APR 2006 - MAR 2012

Senior Manager-Advisory @ Accounting

FEB 2012 - JUN 2016

Vice President - Digital Customer Experience @ Capgemini

JUL 2016 - JAN. 2018

Vice President Intelligent Automation and Digital Core @ Capgemini

JAN. 2018- SEPT.2018

Applied Innovation Exhange New York Director @ Capgemini