A Leader for Leaders: Capgemini Denmark’s Salesforce Team on a Growth Trajectory

Meet Robbert and Kristian

Capgemini, as one of the fastest-growing consultancies among the leading Salesforce Partners globally, is currently executing a successful growth strategy. With five new senior Salesforce talents recently added to the team, Capgemini Denmark is poised to enable its clients to get the future they want.

Meet Robbert and Kristian

Kristian Hede and Robbert Dekker, two of the five new recruits, have been recently inducted into our Salesforce leadership team in Capgemini Denmark. Armed with rich experiences, Robbert and Kristian will bring in their perspective to help shape the future of our Danish Salesforce practice and enable us to aptly reflect our global leadership position.

Developing a hobby and landing a career

Robbert, who originally has a background in European politics, came upon Salesforce while he interned at a financial services company in London. Later, at the British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium, Robbert was able to combine his love for politics with his experience in CRM. Soon realizing that it was CRM that enticed him, Robbert decided to focus on the platform and freelanced as a consultant before taking the leap into full-time Salesforce Consulting at a large energy provider in Belgium. With his experience and expertise growing, he joined Accenture where he quickly rose through the ranks. Over his career, Robbert has amassed 13 Salesforce certifications and joins the Capgemini Salesforce leadership team.

So why did he decide to move to Capgemini Denmark?

“Capgemini Denmark’s growth journey in the market was a key motivator, especially considering their strong partnership with Salesforce. And having experienced wonderful personal growth at my previous company, I believed it was the right time to expand my horizons and take on new challenges in a strategic role. I believe I can help shape the expansion plan for Capgemini’s Salesforce team and in turn be a part of shaping something amazing!”
— Robbert Alexander Dekker


A natural tech lead looking to shape the future

Kristian, who previously worked together with Robbert, joins the Capgemini Salesforce leadership team with a focus on the technical capabilities within the team. With a master’s degree in Software Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Kristian’s background in Salesforce includes experience from both Deloitte and Accenture, where he spent two and five years, respectively. Over the period of his career, Kristian has earned an impressive 15 Salesforce certifications – a testimony to his vast knowledge on the platform. Leveraging this technical expertise with his ability to take on leading roles, he will make a great addition to Capgemini’s Salesforce leadership team.

And why Capgemini Denmark?

“Being a Salesforce consultant, I was aware of Capgemini’s position as a Salesforce partner, and the chance to take on a leadership role at Capgemini Denmark was a unique opportunity and hard to decline. This, added to the fact that the team has strong profiles to learn from, and grow with, was a great motivation for me to join Capgemini. I’m looking forward to being part of growing the Salesforce team and be involved in some really exciting projects!”
—Kristian Hede

Join our Salesforce team and get the future you want!

On the way to becoming #1 Salesforce partner in the Nordics!

Capgemini has been focused on growing our Salesforce team over the last few years, and despite a challenging 2020, we have accelerated our Salesforce business ending the year on a high note with 76% YOY business growth across the Scandinavian countries, and more than 30% growth in certifications and team size. Capgemini has leadership in key Salesforce areas such as Sales, Service, Marketing, and Commerce Cloud, and we’re also experiencing accelerated growth within Einstein Analytics (Tableau CRM), Mulesoft, and Vlocity.

More importantly, the launch of our new brand promise and platform, “Get the Future You Want”, which captures the spirit and energy of Capgemini and conveys a positive vision for the future is fully aligned with the essence of Capgemini’s partnership with Salesforce, both being value-driven companies. Capgemini is well-positioned to lead the way in the Nordic Salesforce Ecosystem, and we are committed to drive bigger growth through more focused efforts and investments.