Integrated Customer Experience (ICX) Framework

Delivering an impeccable customer experience is now integral to a brand strategy. CXOs are actively looking to use digital strategies to create value for the enterprise and their customers. They need a framework that protects existing investments but nimble enough to respond to new market shifts. Discover Capgemini’s Integrated Customer Experience Framework to create meaningful customer relationships.

What Marketers Need in order to Give Value to Customers

To increase customer footfalls and retention, marketing has to move from product-centric to customer centric messaging. In order to do that, marketers need an easy and simple way to understand the customer context in real time with access cross-channel intelligence. Knowing the context of your customers empowers marketers to engage them at different digital touch-points with a dynamically changing experience every time.

To help marketers provide your customers with greater value, enterprises need to create a unified customer experience. This requires an integrated approach where your brand managers can connect the dots of every customer interaction across every channel customer journey.

Create a Panoramic 360 View of Every Customer

The Integrated Customer Experience (ICX) framework is a marketer’s workbench to map their actions to a customer’s journey and deliver the best value, personalized experience.

It comprises of two key components:

  • Context Aggregator: Consume, combine and share intelligence across enterprise, online, and offline channels
  • Context Synthesizer: Define business rules to create a specific, reliable, real-time intelligence to create a panoramic 360 view of each customer

This panorama 360 provides your marketers intelligence on:

  • Customers’ transactional history
  • Emotional quotient 
  • Demographics
  • Web dynamics

You can integrate ICX seamlessly to content management systems, web analytics, CRM, customer facing portals, social insights and enterprise technology applications to deliver a true omni-channel customer experience.

ICX features:

  • Auto-generate real-time customer persona
  • Monitor customer context and automate experience delivery
  • Get a deeper, relevant, and customizable context for an engaging conversation
  • Dynamic and personalized promotions and campaigns

ICX uses best of breed products: Adobe Experience Manager, SalesForce, hybris, Adobe Analytics, Drools Rules Engine, and proprietary solutions such as Social Insight and Engamify.

Capgemini has strong credentials in digital transformation and we have supported global clients across a variety of sectors including automotive, consumer products and retail, financial services, insurance and utilities.

You can expect the ICX to deliver your business strategy with visible results:

  • Lower total cost spent per customer 
  • Increased return on marketing investment
  • Increased revenue for brands
  • Reduce time-to-market
  • Protect investments made in enterprise applications


Sushil Paigankar - AVP Digital Practices
Rajnikant Tawde - ECM & Portal Practice Lead
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