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1) As per the recently released data by Capgemini's World Insurance 2018 report, <br/><br/>a. What % of Tech Savvy and Gen Y are willing to share personal data with BigTechs for personalized services?   *
b. What % of customers globally say, if available, they would like to buy from BigTechs?   *
2) What is the name of the company which Capgemini acquired to reinforce its Global Leadership in Digital?   *
3) As per the Capgemini World insurance report 2018, <br/><br/>a. What % of insurers are already using RPA?   *
b. Insurers have begun to adopt emerging technologies and innovate across the value chain. <br/>What is the factor on which the holistic approach to digital innovation will rely on?   *
4) Capgemini acquired innovation and design consultancy firm in 2016 to strengthen its digital innovation offerings. What is the name of the firm?   *
5) What is the full form of Capgemini's AIE? (which is a global platform that brings together a multidisciplinary team to effectively drive innovation at speed and scale)   *
6) Recently, Capgemini entered into an agreement to acquire the commercial cybersecurity division of this firm which is a pioneer in the field of cybersecurity. What is the name of the division of the firm?   *
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