Capgemini Field Service Lightning Accelerator


Capgemini’s Field Service Lightning Accelerator extends Salesforce FSL with robust functionality to address complex capital assets that require onsite, corrective repair. This simplifies end-to-end service operations and increases customer satisfaction without the resource, time and cost incurred for clients to implement their own solution.


Addresses Common Concerns through Field Service Optimization in the Cloud

  • Costly and labor intensive service delivery with inefficient first time repair rates
  • Pressures to reduce service costs while improving quality
  • Time consuming billing and invoicing processes extend billing cycles

Transformational Service Operations on a Single Platform

  • Extends Service Cloud and Salesforce Field Service Lightning with native, end-to-end, robust, field service operations capabilities
  • Scales to addresses client needs from route optimization and RMA’s to complex, onsite, multi-location, corrective repair requirements
  • Expands functionality for labor/parts debrief, timesheets, preventative maintenance and contracts
  • Eliminates time, investment and integration of deploying separate field service solution
  • Integration expertise to critical CRM, purchasing, invoicing and inventory management functions

A Leading provider of end-to-end customer lifecycle management solutions on Salesforce

  • Salesforce partner since 2007 with 2000+ certifications.
  • Leading Systems Integrator on the Salesforce Partner Value Index with a score of 9.7 out of 10
  • Knowledge and expertise to identify and solve functional service process gaps to improve customer satisfaction
  • Exclusive co-development partner with Salesforce for field service operations
  • Specialized client experience in field service projects across many industries that require complex, corrective repair services
  • Broad industry expertise to serve automotive/durable manufacturing, health care, life science, energy/utilities, consumer product and distribution industries

For more information contact Bill Donlan or Fred Landis.

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