Boost agility and drive innovation with devonfw: a standard Java EE framework that leverages Capgemini’s experience and expertise to improve custom software development productivity, efficiency and innovation.

Solutions for agile software development

Consumers today expect that interfaces for desktop, web and mobile will provide an excellent user experience across all channels. This requires businesses to be more agile and responsive to consumer demands. However, all too often, technology can inhibit rather than promote business agility, resulting in productivity losses, inefficiencies, and unsatisfied customers. Companies also struggle to keep pace with technological advances, creating a need for more flexible and industrialized frameworks that can be upgraded gradually.


Robust, Scalable and Flexible

The devonfw framework provides a robust, service-oriented and cloud-ready platform to accelerate custom software solution development. Devonfw delivers a flexible working model, based on both agile and traditional approaches, while its modular design makes it scalable for any environment.


  • Greater agility through increased development speed and reduced cost
  • Improved productivity thanks to a reusable framework, code generation and automation across all layers of the software
  • Enhanced standardization with solutions compatible for all your Java projects

Devonfw is on the cutting edge of Java and JavaScript technology and being based on open-source it is not tied to a platform or vendor. It continuously evolves to optimize base technology and promotes best practices through architectural guidance.

A Global Standard that Delivers Results

Devonfw was developed based on Capgemini’s 25 years of experience consulting clients in challenging software environments. The framework has been used by companies and institutions across a range of sectors, including financial services, public administration, healthcare, automotive, utilities and education. Devonfw is now the standard Custom Solution Development (CSD) framework for Capgemini’s business units across Europe .

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