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Enterprise Transformation

Strategic Foresight: Inventing our Future

Why? Ruling the VUCA world

Today´s world is highly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous – in short VUCA. The increasing pace and radicalness of change lead to constant turbulence and disruption for private companies, public organizations and civil society. To ensure a positive tomorrow, we must ensure strategies and policies are future-ready.

However, traditional strategy-making methods are unprepared to cope with this in their linear, backward-focused, blindspot-prone way. To build a successful future, we need to capture the exponential speed and multidimensionality of change. With Strategic Foresight, we can do just that.

What? Future-ready strategy

Strategic Foresight enables us to rule the VUCA world and overcome turbulences through methodological and innovative future-ready planning. Strategic Foresight includes a variety of rigorous future analysis and planning methodologies, such as horizon scanning, trend- or threat-sensing, scenario planning and wildcard mapping. These form the basis of strategic stress-testing, strategy planning and roadmapping.

Of course, no one can predict the future. However, Strategic Foresight enables us to capture VUCA and turn it upside-down from volatility into vision, uncertainty into understanding, complexity into clarity and ambiguity into agility – making future-ready planning possible.

How? Inventing our future with Strategic Foresight

Our Strategic Foresight approach is a modular future kit assembled project-specifically to fit individual needs:

  • Horizon-Scanning & Trend-sensing: Mapping of current, emerging and future driving forces and trends
  • Risk & Threat-sensing: Analysis of future threats and risks
  • Scenario Planning: Definition and analysis of alternative future scenarios
  • Risk & Threat Scenarios: Definition and analysis of risk & threat scenarios
  • Wildcard Mapping: Analysis of “weak signal” low probability, high impact forces and events
  • Strategic Flight Testing: Stress-testing existing strategy against identified future forces or scenarios
  • Strategic Planning & Implementation: Strategy and Roadmap definition and implementation

Your benefits

Our Strategic Foresight modules are combined in an individual, project-specific way to best suit your needs. This brings together exactly those specific benefits of each modular offering that are needed to make your project successful. However, all our Strategic Foresight projects also share some additional general key characteristics:

  • Employing academically rigorous foresight methodologies ensuring objectivity and minimizing blindspots
  • Building on innovative research tools and subject and industry expertise
  • Capturing of holistic 360° vision on forces of change around the project topic
  • Bringing together leading interdisciplinary experts in the chosen field

Meet our Foresight force(s)

Inventing our future requires all hands on deck. Our Foresight Force (our Strategic Foresight Team) brings together Strategic Foresight experts, topic experts and industry experts to ensure a holistic, interdisciplinary and diverse view on the topic. In doing so, we leverage the excellent Capgemini internal network strength with 27000+ team members of 120+ nationalities. We also build on Capgemini´s extensive external network based on our work with 2/3s of the world´s largest companies in 100+ countries.

The diversity of our Foresight Force enables us to capture a large range of developments around each individual project. Driving forces form the foundation of this, and of Strategic Foresight in general. Driving forces are social, technological, economic, military, political, legal and environmental (STEMPLE) variables that hold the potential to impact our future. Mapping current, emerging and future drivers for the specific focus topic of a project is usually the first step in Strategic Foresight projects.

To meet some of our Foresight Force(s), get in touch with us below or contact us via strategicforesight.de@capgemini.com.

Treffen Sie unsere Expert*innen

Annina Lux

Senior Manager Digital Trust and Security, Head of Strategic ForesightInvent Germany
As Head of Strategic Foresight, I lead our Invent Germany Foresight Force in inventing a positive future for and with our clients in the private and public sector using a variety of innovative Foresight and strategy methodologies.