Insights Driven Cost Reduction

AI based cost optimization

Have you ever searched for a one-stop shop for all solutions available to reduce your cost of operations? We as Capgemini Invent developed Insights Driven Cost Reduction, an approach that includes the best mix of traditional and cutting edge methods. It enables a fast, accurate and non-biased analysis of cost reduction potentials to support your growth by reducing inefficiencies.

Our Insights Driven Cost Reduction approach bundles all cost saving initiatives of Capgemini Invent within an independent insights driven analysis and end-to-end solution. The included AI Scan focuses on finding cost optimization opportunities based on facts and data. This leads to transparency of the as-is cost allocation including internal and external benchmark as well as predictive elements to consider future developments and growth potential. Current and future areas with potential for cost reduction are identified. In addition, the approach includes selected in-depth analyses of processes with process mining as well as the impact of technologies on our current workforce. This facilitates data driven and unbiased decision making. Meanwhile, the approach always considers the appropriate tool mix for your specific situation and ambition out of a comprehensive toolbox of „classic” and “digital” solutions like shared service center solutions or AI. Especially by including AI, our approach prevents long-term and expensive analyses for identifying cost optimization potentials and appropriate tools to gain these potentials.


Zoom-in AI Scan

Our AI Scan delivers fast and detailed results for the present and future competitiveness of your company within your industry. The tool starts with a cost structure analysis, visualizing your current cost structure by cost center, department and cost type. This enables getting a comprehensive overview over your cross-company expenses and cost drivers tree. Afterwards, a benchmark analysis is performed to discover strengths and weaknesses within your current cost structure compared to your industry competitors as well as to other legal entities within your group. Finally, your current expenses are put into context with past data and market predictions to visualize your cost development and identify potential future risks for the financial health and competitiveness of your company.

Unsere Experten

Stephan Tacke

Strategy and Transformation

Stefan Burghardt

Expert in Process Mining, Robotic Process Automation / RPA, Cognitive Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Operating Models.

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