NextGen Business Insights Service Center

Unternehmen sind heutzutage mehr denn je auf schnell verfügbare Informationen und Erkenntnisse angewiesen, um Entscheidungen zeitnah und effizient treffen zu können. Mehr Insights bei niedrigeren Kosten: Um diesen Bedürfnissen gerecht zu werden, haben wir das NextGen Business Insights Service Center (BISC) entwickelt.

Business expects more value from BI

Most organizations have a growing portfolio of demands for insights, and business users expect a lot in terms of the way those insights are delivered. They want:

  • Agility – companies want to differentiate themselves by being faster at spotting opportunities and risks
  • Improved customer experience – users should be able to manage and interact with data while viewing reports and analyses
  • Innovation – all relevant enterprise and external datasets should be available as sources of insights to drive decisions.

At the same time, organizations need to modernize their data landscapes. It’s not easy to satisfy all these expectations while keeping costs low.

What is NextGen Business Insights Service Center?

Capgemini’s NextGen Business Insights Service Center (BISC) is a scalable, flexible, high-performance model that aligns delivery with the business’s needs for timely, accurate insights. It creates processes for delivering real-time insights and analytics with reduced costs and enhanced efficiency, quality and business satisfaction.

Factory services are at the core of the NextGen BISC framework – they enable industrialization. But NextGen BISC also includes the services you need to complete your transformation into an insights-driven organization, addressing disciplines such as governance, portfolio management, innovation and central design.

Key features

NextGen BISC is characterized by:

  • Highly modular design – start with tactical BI projects and move to complex global rollouts
  • Service catalog – a standardized commercial model
  • Capgemini’s platforms – leveraging solution accelerators and environments for faster rollout
  • As-a-service model – insights delivered on demand
  • Multiple methodologies – we adapt to your preferreddelivery approach
  • Tangible benefits – including productivity gains and cost reductions.

A proven approach

NextGen BISC has helped transform many global organizations into insights-driven enterprises:

  • Global beverage company: A unified BI platform has delivered a 30% increase in productivity
  • Major European telecommunication company: Productization of innovation has provided cost savings of 20% in 24 months, and reduced time to market
  • Global consumer and packaged goods company: We reduced the time to insight by 80%, and transformed information access and use in 120 countries.

Find out what NextGen BISC can do for you

Data WARP for NextGen BISC is a short, time-bound (6-8 weeks) landscape assessment that delivers a business case and transformation roadmap for implementing NextGen BISC in your organization.
For more information, please contact Venkat Iyer.

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