Unser umfassender Analytics-Service Insights-as-a-Service liefert Ihnen wertvolle Erkentnisse. Dabei werden Ihre Daten gesichert, bereinigt, sortiert und in wertvolle Informationen verwandelt. So können Sie sich auf das Wachstum Ihres Unternehmens konzentrieren und gleichzeitig das Meiste aus Ihren Daten herausholen.

Most organizations realize the value in their own data and are increasingly faced with a deluge of new big data from sources.  New technologies are available to help but internal teams and data warehouse platforms are already over-stretched. At the same time, business users are demanding new data analysis to keep pace with, and get ahead of, competitors. But traditional development is often too slow and complex to address the immediate business needs.

Accelerate your business by using Insights-as-a-Service

Using a data platform based on the latest technologies and architecture with BI and analytical tools to match your specific needs, Insights-as-a-Service provides an immediate answer to the ever-growing demand for information and analysis. It can be provisioned from Capgemini’s local data centers or set up on-premise and delivered within days.
We also provide the tools and services to build, run and manage your new data landscape, helping you transform from Business Intelligence reporting through to advanced data science based Insight models. Our technology, analytics and industry experts will ensure we develop a service that is reliable, accurate and relevant to your organization and market. Designed to cope with both core business data and new big data sources, the platform can bridge the gap between the old and the new bring new insights.
 It is built on a standard framework, but is fully customizable, and will be delivered in a safe and secure environment to protect you and your data.
  • An immediate solution for your expanding data and information needs
  • Designed to support big data alongside, and integrated with, core business data
  • Secure and scalable – can be rapidly scaled up and down
  • Allows you to quickly test new data and analytical scenarios without capital investment
  • Full service with industry and analytical experts to provide you with relevant and timely insights.

Bringing together technology and expertise

For a European retailer, struggling with a 10 hours data load process, the Insights-as-a-Service solution has improved insight creation from 60 minutes to 60 seconds. They are now using the service to explore new data sets and are rapidly expanding their business insights capabilities.
In the automotive industry, the Insights-as-a-Service platform is being used to provides analytics based on real-time information from connected vehicles to a number of car manufacturers across the world.