Während Unternehmen oft viel Zeit und Mühe in die Transformation von Daten in Information investieren, wird dem Datenmanagement nur sehr selten Aufmerksamkeit geschenkt. Unsere Services rund um dieses Thema helfen Ihnen, den Lebenszyklus Ihrer Daten von der Entstehung über ihre Nutzung bis hin zur Archivierung oder Löschung zu organisieren.

Data management

Our Data management services ensure reliable, clean and standardized information, including:

  • Data and Information governance: reduce data complexity through a standardized and structured framework
  • Data quality: clean data downstream and minimize the problem of poor data
  • Data migration: accelerate the data migration process while ensuring clean data is loaded to the new system
  • Master data management (MDM): take control of your core business information and ensure it is accurate and trusted by your collaborators
  • Metadata management: ensure that business data is clearly understood and consistently used across your company
  • Data optimization Take full advantage of big data technologies to optimize the ratio between the value of data and its storage costs, while also gaining extended capabilities to handle complex data and providing users with a richer analytical experience
  • Data masking: deploy data masking across the enterprise with this scalable solution that reduces costs and effort by approximately 40%
  • Product data transformation: overcome poor product data quality through Capgemini’s end-to-end product data transformation approach, powered by insights-driven analytics

A collaborative approach to data management

Capgemini understands that efficient and effective data handling is a core capability, whether for data migrations or Data Warehouse ETL. Our approach to data management is collaborative; we work with you to uncover:

  • Who owns specific data objects within your organization
  • How these data objects are governed
  • How data quality is managed.

Once we find the answers to these questions, we deliver strategies that make your data work better for you. Our experience in data management is complemented by our extensive expertise in providing organizations with business information strategies.

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