Enterprise Data Hub Accelerator

Define your Big Data projects, execute them well and grow them into an action-focused, sustainable strategy for your organisation. Our Enterprise Data Hub Accelerator enables you to execute faster while harnessing Big Data’s potential for tangible business benefits.

Transforming big data into a strategic asset

Today’s companies want to become more customer-centric and services-oriented. By providing customer behaviour insight, big data can be a strategic asset,  but the sheer volume of information can lead to data challenges, including:

  • Data blindness: expensive scaling can cause multiple silos
  • Delays: time-consuming processes prolong delivery and compromise quality
  • Cost: existing systems cannot accommodate new data without infrastructure spend
  • Complexity: multiple sources, complex processes and siloed systems restrict integrated views.

To extract new value from data, companies need a flexible, cost-effective solution that can scale without locking in data.

Enterprise Data Hub: A next-gen data management platform

Built on Cloudera’s Apache Hadoop-based open-source technology, the Enterprise Data Hub Accelerator is an execution framework that helps you to:

  • Identify business drivers
  • Incorporate and leverage scientific algorithms
  • Identify where to begin, which data sets to start with, how to manage the data, and how to make it secure and governable
  • Scale your big data over time.


  • Agile, cost-efficient and sustainable
  • Enterprise-ready with robust security, governance, data protection, and management capabilities
  • Compatible with existing infrastructure and tools as well as a variety of enterprise workloads.

An integrated approach to leveraging big data

With our dedicated Big Data Centre of Excellence with Cloudera’s expertise in big data platforms and rich partner ecosystem, we have delivered data-driven business transformation to clients in various sectors including consumer products, financial services, manufacturing, public sector, retail and telecommunications

To ensure your success, our execution framework is built around:

  • Five execution pillars: Business Drivers, Governance, Analytics, Data, Platform
  • Four maturity stages: Initiate, Scale, Transform, Run

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