7 Leitlinien für Insights & Data

Es gibt viele Dinge zu beachten, wenn Sie Big Data und innovative Analytics-Lösungen nutzen möchten. Wir haben sieben Leitlinien entwickelt, die Ihnen zeigen, wie Sie Insights in den Mittelpunkt Ihres Handelns stellen können.

All organizations are a series of decision points. With the increase in data proliferation, there is a growing need for an organization to be able to rapidly assimilate, integrate and analyze its data, turning it into insights that inform every decision it makes.

Empowering your people with timely insights can help make those decisions better and will transform your business. To achieve this, you need to harness the data, both your own internal business data and the growing stream of big data from new internal and external sources. You also need to look at the way in which data is managed and accessed – and consider your organization’s culture and approach to using data. All of this is not easy.

The journey towards an insights-driven enterprise

We have developed our 7 Guiding Principles as a clear approach to drive the transformation to an insights-driven enterprise. Through leveraging these principles, we are seeing our clients generate real value from data.

Principle 1: Embark on the journey to insights, within your business and technology context
The starting point must be your digital business objectives. Design your roadmap to harness new data sources based on how they will help achieve these objectives. Equally importantly, your journey must be dictated by where you start, not only in terms of data maturity but also technology.

Principle 2: Enable your data landscape for the flood coming from connected people and things
There are many new technologies that enable the capture and management of the data flood. Your new data landscape should be a mix of these technologies, chosen to provide the right solution in terms of cost, flexibility and speed to suit each specific data set and meet the insight needs of the business.

Principle 3: Master governance, security and privacy of your data assets
Insights from unreliable data are worse than no insights at all. Equally, programs fail and businesses leave themselves exposed if data is not handled securely and with consideration of relevant privacy issues. Maturing and industrializing an organization in its production of value from data, is a key lever to success.

Principle 4: Develop an enterprise data science culture
Data science unlocks insights. Appreciating and understanding how value is derived from data needs to become part of the culture of the organization. Only by embedding it throughout the enterprise, and systematically making all decisions better informed, can organizations achieve the transformation to becoming insights-driven.

Principle 5: Unleash data- and insights-as-a-service
The demand from business users for information and data-driven insights is ever increasing across all organizations. To harness this, business users must feel that they can rapidly access the insights they need where and when they need it. Setting up a powerful platform that delivers these insights ‘on-demand’, is the ultimate goal.

Principle 6: Make insight-driven value a crucial business KPI
Measure your measurement. Apply data science to your data science to see where you are adding value and where you are not. If data is becoming one of your most valuable assets, then treat it as such – include it in KPIs and business reviews.

Principle 7: Empower your people with Insights at the point of action
All functions in an organization are faced daily with a series of decision points and actions, both at the macro and micro level. Whether you are in supply chain, finance, procurement, marketing or other parts of the business, empowering your business teams with real-time insights at the point of action makes the crucial difference.

Bringing together our expertise and Thought Leadership

Through the application of these principles, we are seeing organizations start to generate real value from both internal and external data, structured and unstructured. Our leading data technology experts, coupled with in-depth industry expertise, are working with a number of organizations from global solutions for Fortune 500 companies, to point solutions for local businesses.

Get the 7 Guiding Principles Assessment

Capgemini’s Insights & Data team has developed a 7 Guiding Principles app that is designed to help your organization assess its maturity in the journey towards becoming an insights-driven enterprise. Together with your Capgemini contact, you answer a simple set of questions based on the 7 Principles – Context, Landscape, Governance, Culture, Platform, Value and Insights – to generate a snapshot of your organization’s current status. From this dashboard, we can provide clear direction and a set of next steps for your organization to achieve an insight-driven culture and architecture.

Find out more

With the right approach and techniques, your organization can change the way that it leverages insights.To get more information about our unique 7 Guiding Principles approach, and how they can help your organization or to arrange an ‘Insights check-up’ using our app, contact your Insights & Data account manager or email us at mailto:insights.global@capgemini.com

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