Insights & Data Architecture

How do you make the big promise of the new data landscape a reality – and ensure your strategy can be executed? Answer: Make it an architected journey. Our pragmatic approach to Insights & Data architecture provides you with a solid, yet agile foundation for change, renewal and innovation. So that your solutions are designed for digital right from the start.

Create real, sustainable value from the new data landscape

With the emergence of the new data landscape, the change potential for organizations is bigger than ever before. There are no filters on what data can be acquired and stored, no restrictions on what can be analyzed, and no waiting time for presenting real-time, tailor-made and highly actionable insights. However, advances in technology are moving at lightning speed and it seems more difficult than ever to select the right technology components, while preserving the crucial assets of the existing data estate.

How do you reap the benefits of the new data landscape right now, while being prepared for new insights and data opportunities that may be unknown today? How do you create an architecture for change that is fresh, pragmatic and does justice to the new ways of thinking of the digital enterprise? This asks for a new approach to Insights & Data architecture, one that enables new, unexplored opportunities for the insights-driven enterprise.

Design architecture for the future

Capgemini has one of the biggest, most active and most experienced architect communities in the world. And for good reason, as no digital transformation is successful without a proper architectural foundation. We believe that architecture should never be a purpose on its own. It’s meant to facilitate and enable a change, whatever change the organization envisions.

Technology is the driver behind the new data landscape. Through our Insights & Data architectures, we ensure you benefit from the latest advances, while modernizing your existing IT estate towards a powerful and agile digital platform – industrializing where it counts, innovating where it makes the difference.
But above all, architecture is a tool to bring business and technology together. The change objectives of the organizations always have the central role and our architecture visualizations are compelling and understandable for all stakeholders. We believe architecture should tell stories and bring simplicity, rather than introducing piles of documentation and layers of additional complexity.
  • Focus on business outcomes: We turn your digital vision into an Insights & Data architecture that is geared towards one and one thing only: turning data into tangible, measurable business benefits
  • Pragmatic and compelling: We produce architectural assets that are exactly to the point, precisely what are needed for the change, and convincing in their visualization
  • Leveraging open standards: Capgemini is a leader in both using and developing architectural open standards. We have the world’s largest community of certified TOGAF architects, have donated major contributions to TOGAF 9, and are actively involved in the Open Platform 3.0 forum of The Open Group, particularly focusing on open standards for big data and the Business Data Lake
  • Accelerated: We use tools such as our Accelerated Solution Environments (ASEs), TechnoVision innovation framework, the WARP industrialized assessment approach, and our powerful big data architecture reference models to have a flying start and deliver quick results
  • Full lifecycle, full landscape: We take all aspects of the Insights & Data lifecycle into the scope of architecture, all the way from acquiring and marshaling data, to analytics, visualization and action. But also all the way from infrastructure to business services
  • Delivers step-by-step: With an architected digital platform vision at the heart of your Insights & Data strategy, you are not only equipped to deliver quick, compelling results right now but also to address any future business opportunities.

Respond more quickly

We helped a global consumer goods company to first industrialize and then modernize their Insights & Data landscape.With major change objectives in the areas of customer intimacy, continuous improvement and agility, we architected an Insights & Data platform that was able to collect more data from more various sources and combined a robust, unified information core with a highly industrialized access to data and new, flexible ways to analyze and visualize insights.

We maintained the proven quality and robustness of the existing data warehouse solutions, but augmented them with next-generation technologies – such as Hadoop and Tableau – to add agility and scalability, and to respond much more quickly to new business needs.

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