Insights & Data strategy

The new data landscape provides you with unique opportunities to turn data into insights – the fuel for any digital transformation journey. But how do you make the promise a reality? We help you to turn your digital vision into a compelling Insights & Data strategy that delivers tangible, measurable value. Renew your existing data estate – achieving cost and agility benefits on the way – while becoming a truly digital, insightful enterprise.

Create real, sustainable value

One of the biggest drivers of digital transformation is data, especially when it is turned into insights that make an organization much better informed, optimally aware of its business context and highly responsive to any change or event. The new data landscape leverages breakthrough innovations in technology, storage, analytics and visualization, providing the path to becoming a digital enterprise. It’s what makes data truly “big.”

However, advances in technology are moving at lightning speed; it seems more difficult than ever to select the right technology components while preserving the crucial assets of the existing data estate. Also, new – often unexplored – skills and competencies are needed, including a revamped governance inside the organization that does justice to the shifting forces between Business and IT.

The biggest challenge of them all, however, may be to create real, sustainable value from Insights & Data that goes far beyond that proof-of-concept or pilot installation. With only 27% of all business executives ranking their big data projects as “successful” (according to our latest research) there is clearly room for improvement.

Deliver real business outcomes

We help you to define an Insights & Data strategy that is pragmatic, builds on your existing data estate, creates real business outcomes and brings you step-by-step towards becoming a Digital Enterprise.

We take your digital vision as a starting point and map it to the Insights & Data that are needed to bring it to life. We make sure you benefit from the latest technological advances while modernizing your existing IT estate towards a powerful and agile digital platform. And we make it all measurable – insights drive our strategy activities as well.

In our experience – backed up by research conducted with the MIT Center for Digital Business – it is not only the “how” that determines digital success. In order to create an Insights & Data strategy that delivers sustainable results, you need a revamped organizational governance that ensures that information is managed as a crucial asset throughout its lifecycle. This also includes building up new skills and the mobilization of all individuals within the organization, as their attitude towards information is the key to becoming an insightful enterprise.

Create a shared vision across Business and IT

  • Focus on business outcomes: Turn your digital vision into an Insights & Data strategy that delivers tangible, measurable results. Builds on proven, industry best practices, templates benchmarks and our Business Performance Management framework to kick-start your strategy. Above all, ensures that business and IT jointly and committedly drive the strategy
  • Drive innovation: Leverage the “big” potential of the new data landscape to the fullest, using breakthroughs in technology to enable new, digital ways
  • Rationalize the core: Take full advantage of the new data landscape to industrialize, rationalize and modernize the existing data and IT estate, saving costs and creating agility
  • Accelerate the journey: Use tools such as our Accelerated Solutions Environments, our TechnoVision framework, our Value Management & Benefits Logictm methodology and our Wide-Angle Application Rationalization Program (WARP) and Insights-driven Enterprise diagnostic tools to create quick, pragmatic results
  • Cover the full life cycle: Embed all crucial aspects of the Insights & Data lifecycle in your strategy, including business transformation, information management governance, solution development & integration, deployment and technology infrastructure
  • Deliver step-by-step: With a powerful digital platform vision at the heart of your Insights & Data strategy, you are not only equipped to deliver quick, compelling results right now but also to address any future business opportunities. This is an architected journey that pays off right away, and later on.

Deliver tangible results

A major US discount retailer wanted to make better use of the data in its systems. The retailer set several goals: improved alignment in its data management program; more streamlined IT services and reporting for end users; and an updated IT infrastructure to improve flexibility and the company’s ability to scale and adapt to market change and end user needs.The company enlisted Capgemini’s help to develop an Insights & Data strategy and roadmap to enhance information accessibility and usability. Using accelerators such as Capgemini’s Intelligent Enterprise Diagnostic tool, the key was to build a common shared vision across business and IT as to how insights and data will be managed and used, and to put in place the key steps to achieving this vision.

A powerful, compelling roadmap was built that provides a foundation for the company’s future needs:
  • A prioritized focus for the data management program
  • Alignment of insights & data capabilities to digital transformation initiatives
  • A definition of a lifecycle model for maturing the data landscape and progressively replacing it with new technology
  • Learn how data drives Digital Transformation
  • See how enterprises are cracking the data conundrum
  • Get inspired by our Technovision series of blogs and our perspectives on „Thriving On Data“.