Digital Manufacturing Platforms

Accelerate and secure your digital-physical convergence to improve engineering and manufacturing performance at scale.

Capgemini Digital Manufacturing services leverages the power of modern technologies (cloud, IoT, AI, 3D continuity, AR and VR) to break the silos between physical and digital world and build intelligent connections between machines, products, employees, and suppliers.

We offer cloud-based and vendor-agnostic Digital Manufacturing platforms to maximize operations performance and speed-up your Industry 4.0 journey.

  • Andy3D – Immersive remote assistance platform: The only remote platform providing digital continuity of 3D models and being fully customizable to your IT environment.
  • Andy3D – Asset revamping web platform: The only platform providing real, interactive and easy-to-use 3D hybrid digital mock-up in a web browser from any device.
  • X-IoT – An agnostic and secure device management platform to connect the physical to the IT world to improve products and asset performance and usage.
  • ReflectIoD – Building Information Modeling for operators: The only platform integrating natively 1D to 3D, geographical information and IoT data, therefore managing the asset’s Internet of Dimensions (IoD) along its lifecycle.

Andy 3D Platform – Remote Assistance and Asset Revamping

Andy 3D Platform – Remote Assistance and Asset Revamping

Digital continuity of 3D models and easy-to-use 3D hybrid digital mock-up

Reflect IoD

Reflect IoD

Building Information Modeling for Operators

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