High Tech

Software defined product differentiation has reshaped the world of high tech and information infrastructure. We help product companies adopt this transformation to deliver innovative product solutions ahead of time.

Over the past two decades, we have evolved as a trusted solution provider for information infrastructure powerhouses and innovation-based start-ups including cloud, storage, computing systems, networking systems and consumer oriented high tech companies.

Our Focus Areas

Software Defined Data Center

In the era characterized by Digital Transformation, SDDC is a new standard for the modern data center offering speed, scalability, agility, and optimized cost.

Hyper Converged Infrastructure

As businesses transform into data-driven entities, hyper converged infrastructure offers benefits of a virtualized data center in a compact, scalable, cost-effective system that is easy to deploy, manage, and support.

Hybrid Cloud

A cloud-based infrastructure is the way ahead for scalability, cost-efficiency and security offered by hybrid cloud architectures. We enable cloud computing platforms and software vendors to deliver advanced solutions to provide a highly automated and optimized infrastructure.

Big Data

The strategic value and competitive advantage offered by Big Data analytics has been established. Capgemini’s domain knowledge across sectors helps product companies prepare for the right Big Data architecture and contextual visualization tools

Datacenter Management

For efficient operations, operators of modern data centers need a holistic view into the entire IT infrastructure, to help them understand, manage, and optimize the complex components. The idea is to enhance business value of IT assets.


With the growth in interoperable products in IT landscapes, in-built product security is critical for business stability. IT infrastructure products must be designed with in-built security to minimize the risk and impact of a compromise. At Capgemini, we engineer security into products as a key feature in the product design phase itself.

Technology Transformation: Blockchain

Adoption of new technologies like Blockchain helps our customers build new value propositions through their produces. Primary being to achieve, resiliency, transparency and closing the gap for security and privacy of enterprise data without compromising accessibility. With our complementing engineering services portfolio we enable smart devices to interact with Enterprise IT with well-defined security postures.

Value Through Solution Accelerators

Our state-of-the art labs and dedicated practices have built solution accelerators targeting end user satisfaction and product development needs of the High Tech sector and delivering benefits like increased productivity in specific phases by upto 70% and reduced overall time to market by upto 20%.

  • Triage and Analytics Framework
  • Test Automation Framework
  • SDDC Solution
  • Quality Transformation Solution (QTRON)
  • Chain Code Workflows



QTRON– The Quality Transformer

QTRON, Capgemini’s in-house tool to automate data driven test execution, has been developed to address the challenges for the testing team.