Top 10 Trends in Health Insurance: 2019

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This analysis provides an overview of the top-10 technology trends in the health insurance sector that will be strategic for firms in the near term.

The health insurance sector is facing changing market dynamics on a number of fronts. Competition is heating up, new players are entering the market, and consolidations and collaborations have become commonplace. While there has been consistent top-line growth due to increased coverage, low-interest rates, escalating healthcare costs, and intense competition continue to squeeze profits. Health insurers are leveraging digital tools, artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics to gradually move toward an efficient, digitally-integrated ecosystem. Voice assistants, online digital portals, predictive and behavioral analytics, and telemedicine are enabling health insurers to cater to evolving customer expectations and reduce healthcare costs. Blockchain and AI are empowering insurers to improve operational efficiencies and integrate with healthcare ecosystems.

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