Top 10 Technology Trends in Property & Casualty Insurance: 2019

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Myriad external forces are affecting today’s P&C insurance market.

Myriad external forces are affecting today’s P&C insurance market. Even slow but resilient premium growth cannot counter margin pressures prompted by heavy underwriting losses, mainly due to the rise in natural catastrophe losses and overall auto claims costs. Moreover, customer expectations continue to evolve thanks to rapid technological advancements that encourage demand for a digital, simplified, and personalized experience.

Voice assistants and connected devices are enabling P&C insurers to increase customer touchpoints and derive meaningful engagements. New business models and sophisticated cyber-risk assessment tools are allowing insurers to cover previously under-insured and uninsured risks. Artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, and distributed ledger technology (DLT) are empowering insurers to enhance fraud detection and loss prevention capabilities, improve operational efficiency, and streamline their internal processes. Strategic partnerships with InsurTech firms and the use of open APIs are fostering innovation and facilitating integration with ecosystem partners.

This report explores significant technology trends that will be of strategic importance for P&C insurance firms throughout 2019.

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